Emmanuel Reformed Church
170 Clarke Street North
Woodstock, Ontario Canada N4S 7M7
Phone: 519 537 6422
Sunday Worship Line: 519 537 7674

Our Sunday School classes began on Sunday, September 19, 2018. Children are dismissed from the worship service after the Children's Message. Classes are available for the following grades:

  • Little Lambs
  • Junior/Senior Kindergarden
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 3/4

Come learn more songs and stories about Jesus and His love for us!

This week, September 16, the Little Lambs are hearing that David helps Jonathan's son. This is based on 2 Samuel 9:1 - 13.
JK/SK are discovering that Asa stops trusting God, based on 2 Chronicles 16:1-10.
The Grade 1/2 class learns that King Solomon builds the Temple from 2 Kings 6.
Grade 3/4 hears about Getting Ready for the Promised Land. This is from Numbers 31:36.