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March, 17 2019

For the first Sunday in the season of Lent we read from Isaiah 58. This prophecy stirs our hearts toward repentance and true worship. It also captures the imagination for a world of possibilities for the people of God wholly devoted to Him. Many hundreds of years later, after Isaiah teaches us to get rid of the yoke of oppression and injustice, Jesus teaches us to take up another kind of yoke. Is Jesus countering the words of Isaiah? Or is taking up this yoke also a message of liberation? Let’s find out together as we continue through the season of Lent looking to the ultimate freedom Jesus offers to us. See you Sunday!

March, 10 2019

This Sunday is our first Sunday in Lent. The season consists of forty days climaxing with Holy Week, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. It seems as if many people know that Lent is about giving up something, chocolate, coffee (maybe not a good idea), social media, but what is the purpose of giving up these things? Is it because they are bad, sinful, or negative in some other way? No, we take something out of our lives that we may add in something good and in order to appreciate those things which we have voluntarily given up for a time. The prophet Isaiah gives us a right orientation of fasting and a right purpose for fasting. In a life filled with dis-orientation we are called to re-orientation in Jesus Christ. See you Sunday!

March, 3 2019

We are wrapping up our study the good life Jesus call us into. It is a life filled with beauty and peace because it is a life filled through and through with the presence of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We can strive to put into practice all the virtues we have been learning about but without this one thing we will be running a fool’s errand. The one thing is abiding. Before He goes to the cross Jesus tells His disciples, ‘abide in me and I will abide in you.’ It’s an invitation and a challenge. An invitation to rest in Jesus and a challenge to live deeply in Jesus. As we finish up our study we will learn why it is so important and how we can seek each day to abide in Christ. See you Sunday!

Febuary 24, 2019

There are two things that we have to face up to as followers of Jesus. The first is the criticism levelled at us by the culture around us, why are Christians so judgmental? We have been guilty of this and it has been damaging to the Church and it has kept people out instead of welcoming them in. The second is our own misunderstanding of the Bible when it comes to judging, judge not lest you be judged. What does Jesus really teach when it comes to judging? It may surprise you and hopefully will convict you as well as we seek to have more of Jesus in our lives. See you Sunday!

Febuary 17, 2019

What if . . . You can fill in the blank with almost anything and you will find something to worry about, something you choose to worry about. There is a fine line between being concerned about some matter and worrying about the particular thing. It also feels like it is impossible not to worry about anything, but we do have a God who routinely handles the impossible and who asks us to trust in Him. So, what is at the heart of worry and how do we deal with it as followers of Jesus? Let’s get together on Sunday and have some conversation about that. The answer might be more simple than you think. See you Sunday!
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