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September 16, 2018

If there is one issue that has confounded so many of us it is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of Jesus is the event on which history pivots but the question 'why the cross?' is still being asked, even by those who have been followers of Jesus for many years. So, let's talk about that this Sunday. Let's talk about the God who is self-sacrificing and Who, in fact, says there 'is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.' Let's talk about how the greatness of God's sacrifice speaks to our desperation and the depth of our predicament. Let's talk about being rescued and lifted out of this predicament to freedom in Jesus. See you Sunday!

September 9, 2018

Up to this point we have been looking at aspects of God that are pleasing to people. We have seen His overwhelming love, goodness, and generosity. We have seen that He is also trustworthy. But we would be remiss if we did not also see that God is holy. It is true that God loves us immensely but in His holiness He will not overlook sin. It is necessary for us to hold a balanced view of God that sees Him as holy. We run into bigger problems if we refuse to appreciate God's holiness. See you Sunday!

September 2, 2018

Pastor and author Carey Nieuwhof recently wrote that 'grace has a backbone.' Grace is borne out of God's love but there are so many misconceptions about the love of God. There is the tendency to make 'love' the primary attribute of God and then God's love is seen as something fluffy and sentimental. This kind of view cuts the backbone out of God's love and grace. But God's love is important! So, what do we mean when we say "God is Love?" This is the question that we are going to dive into this Sunday. We'll try to put love in its biblical perspective and I pray that all of us will love God more deeply. See you Sunday!

August 26, 2018

There is a subtle trap that we fall into in our journey of faith. We live in a culture that values us for how we look, what we do, or what we say. When we no longer look good and can no longer perform well then we are cast aside. This can creep into our faith too, thinking that we have to perform in order to earn God's favour. What if we took on the idea that God is much more generous than this? God's goodness is displayed in the Bible and His trustworthiness is clearly there too. How do we see God's generosity? In the very familiar words of Matthew 20 we see God's generosity displayed and hopefully come to love and trust Him more deeply. See you Sunday!

July 29, 2018

This past week we dug into the question, is God good? The answer is, yes, because that is part of His essence, His nature, and that does not change. So, it should follow if God is good, we would all trust Him, right? Sadly, the answer to that question is honestly a 'no.' Even people who have confessed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, yours truly included, have trouble trusting God at times and that lack of trust leads us away from God and into a weaker faith. I would hope that we would all want a stronger faith in Jesus but we first then have to answer this question of whether or not we really trust God. It is a difficult question but let's seek to answer it together with God's help. See you Sunday?

July 22, 2018

Is God good? This is a question that has been asked countless times through the centuries. It is a question asked by those who are confronted by the suffering and evil in the world and who declare that God cannot be good. It has been asked by sincere followers of Jesus who are trying to make sense of pain in their own lives. It is an honest question and a good question. It is a question that the Bible invites us to explore but also to answer. So, let's do that this Sunday. Let's explore the question using Jesus' own words as He replies to the young prince with His own question, 'why do you call Me good?' I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
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